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to MORE NIBS online Programme material!

NIBS Bite-size is here - nibbles of Programme ideas to use with your Colony throughout the year!

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NIBS Bite-size is in 3 parts

PART 1 - a colllection of fun activities on a theme for each month

PART 2 - Festivals of Fun - ideas for stories, crafts or games based on festivals from all around the world - some serious, some silly!

PART 3 - Festivals of Faith - Programme ideas linked to different world faiths

Each month is in PDF format which can be downloaded so that your Colony Leadership team can use the core ideas and build a Programme around them!

Something for everyone to get their teeth into!


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JANUARY - make a bird mask and learn about the wonderful variety of birds around the world.  The Colony might also like to think about local birdlife needing extra food during the cold winter months.

FEBRUARY - today everyone has mobile phones but there are other ways to communicate!  Beavers can have fun making their own version of the mobile phone!

MARCH - the feast days of Saint David, patron saint of Wales and Saint Patrick, patron saint of Ireland are celebrated in March. Saint George's Day is April and the patron saint of Scotland, Saint Andrew is celebrated in November.  Why not encourage the Beavers to learn something of these saints by playing a lotto or bingo style game.

APRIL - travel back to Viking times and make a longship!

MAY - have some fun with A A Milne's loveable teddy bear - Winnie the Pooh!

JUNE - 'Shake up your wake up!' and encourage the Beavers to always start the day off with a healthy breakfast!

JULY - Ireland is the land of myths and legends, ancient warriors, maidens, bards, faeries and leprechauns - have some fun with the magical little people!

AUGUST - take a break from electronic gadgets and play some games from yesteryear.

SEPTEMBER - monkey around with amazing animal antics!

OCTOBER - have some great gorilla fun!

NOVEMBER - remember our war heroes with a unique craft.

DECEMBER - while Baden-Powell was in the army he was a type of 007!  The Beavers can learn how to be a secret agent - pass on important messages, make up disguises and fantastic 21st Century spy gadgets!


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JANUARY - Bikaner Camel Festival

FEBRUARY - Carnevale Venezia

MARCH - Hanami Cherry Blossom Festival

APRIL - World Marble Championships

MAY - Kattenfestival

JUNE - Festival of Saint Anthony

JULY - WOMAD, World of music, arts and dance

AUGUST - La Pourcailhade

SEPTEMBER - Henley-on-Todd Regatta

OCTOBER - Entenrennen

NOVEMBER - Lopburi Banquet

DECEMBER - Festa de Lemanja


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JANUARY - Aataentsic and Turtle Island - Traditional American First nations belief

FEBRUARY - Holi - Hindu

MARCH - Naw-Ruz - Baha'i

APRIL - Warmth and Light - Traditional Australian First Nationals belief

MAY - Wesak - Buddhist

JUNE - Shauvot - Judaism

JULY - Raksha Bandhan - Hindu

AUGUST - Eid Al-Fitr - Islam

SEPTEMBER - Monkey Festival - Shinto

OCTOBER - Sukkot - Judaism

NOVEMBER - Guru Nanak's Birthday - Sikh

DECEMBER - Saint Lucia's Day - Christian