Activities needing Permits

For some Adventurous Activities the leader must have a specific permit from their District Commissioner to show they have the required expertise. These include:

  • Camping (Nights Away)
  •  Hillwalking (outside certain limits)
  •  Activities on waterAir Activities

Nights Away - Leaders need a permit to take Scouts away overnight: if you haven't already got one, talk to your DC or District Nights Away Adviser before you arrange an overnight!



Hillwalking - Leaders need a permit to go into Terrain One- above 500m or more than 30mins from a road - this permit requires practical assessment to show the required competence, so has to be organised weeks in advance. For Cubs and younger Scouts, adequate challenge can be provided in Terrain Zero, where no permit is needed.





Water Activities - for most water activities other than swimming a formal qualification is needed, and a permit.  This includes use of other peoples yachts, cruisers, speedboats etc on a one off basis.  Again it should be organised many weeks in advance.





Flying - as above - but for anything with an engine it's probably not worth the bother if you are not dealing on a commercial basis (eg with an airline or the RAF!)





Reminder to Leaders and DCs - Permits expire after a maximum of 5 years, and must be formally reviewed before renewal - in some cases this can be done with a few phone calls.



If you have had one for a while- check the expiry date, well before you use it!





For GSLs, DCs, ADCs and any other leader who wants more detailed advice, I recommend Module 23 of our GCA training- Managing Safety.



If the published date doesn't suit I am happy to run this 2 hour course, or an edited version, locally anywhere half a dozen people are interested!